Editing and Removing Content

Created by josh
July 26, 2020 6:46:47 PM PDT

To edit existing content on the site, the user must have Edit Content privileges. On the /admin/content/ page, existing pages are listed in the table below the New Content dropdown. At minimum, the website contains the home page, located at /home/ (which redirects to / automatically), and is labeled with the Home icon.

Every item in the left column contains a link to edit the content, and also the link to the page where it lives on the site (below the edit link, in small green text). Clicking on the main link in this column takes you to the editor. In the editor, the content publisher can change any of the page attributes, the parent page, and any of the fields in the content body below. Below the submit button, there may be a list of iterations, which can be previewed, diffed or reverted to.

For users who also have privilege to archive content, an archive button is available.

Note: The homepage cannot be removed, nor moved to a different URI.