Creating a New Redirect

Created by josh
July 27, 2020 1:00:35 PM PDT

To create a new URI redirect, the user must have privileges to add redirects.

First, select a URI from the dropdown list on URI Redirect Management admin panel located at /admin/redirects. Each entry in the dropdown represents an existing URI within the site. It also includes a custom option to create a new redirect source URI.

Next, create a destination URL. This can either be a local URI, or to a different site altogether.

In the next step, indicate what kind of redirect that this is. Typically, a redirect is denoted with a 301 - Permanently Moved. This is a way to alert search engines that a URL containing the content at a location has been moved somewhere else indefinitely. If a page is under construction, and the content is available somewhere else for the foreseeable future, a 302 would be more appropriate. If the page you are redirecting from is private content with no search engine impact, leaving this blank is okay.

Finally, an optional description can annotate the redirect, if desired.